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Edric OngTrained as an architect, Edric Ong is an artist who has mastered many art forms and areas of scholarship. He has devoted his remarkable career to preserving the cultural heritage of Sarawak and Malaysia. He is an approachable and generous authority in this field, having written Pua - Iban Weavings of Sarawak and Woven Dreams, two seminal books on warp-ikat weaving, as well as the popular coffee-table book Sarawak Style that features historical photographs and arts and handicrafts, both antique and contemporary.

Edric is President of the Atelier Society in Kuching, an organization formed to promote the traditional arts and handicrafts of Borneo. He is also the Convenor of the Bienniel World Eco-Fiber and Textile (WEFT) Forum since 1999, devoted to researching, sustaining, and promoting traditional crafts of the villages of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Also,
the Hon. Secretary of the World Batik Council and is consultant to UNESCO in its Award of Excellence for Handicrafts program.

We feature two types of textiles. The pua kumbu are woven in longhouses along the rivers of Sarawak. The modern fashion textiles are designed by Edric based on Sarawakian tribal motifs and made using traditional materials, dyes, and production methods. Mr. Ong has shops in Kuching and Kuala Lumpur and travels extensively with native weavers to show these textiles. It is well worth a visit to his web site through our Links page.

The prices offered for Edric's textiles are the same as you would find in Kuching, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore..

Watch Edric's textiles as showcased at the WEFT Gala Fashion Show in 2008 and 2012 and in Hyderabad in 2014

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