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Silk Pua Kumbu ID 15

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Silk ikat pua kumbu. Woven on backstrap loom by master weaver Bangie Emperau, Rumah Garie longhouse. Title: "Nabau" = Serpents. This has won a UNESCO Seal of Excellance. The Seal is awarded "in recognition of demonstrated excellence and standard-setting high quality in craftsmanship, creative and successful alliance of traditional skills and innovative application of indigenous material, traditional technique and endogenous design, expression of cultural identity and traditional aesthetic value, and respect of the environment."

Free 45 minute video "Woven Dreams of Rumah Garie" documenting Rumah Garie Longhouse dyeing ceremony and weaving techniques

Morinda citrofolia and Indigo suffroticosa natural dyes

24"x 80"


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