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Kesav Rao - Demo-Cry-17

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22.5'' x 15'' - charcoal on paper

1st September 2012: Locals, activists attack the rescue-home manager. Four inmates were kidnapped from a rescue-home at Sharada Nagar. The rescue-home is run by the Ministry for Women’s Welfare and Child Development with the help of an NGO. Two other attempted kidnappings had taken place in the four months prior, one on the 24th of June 2012. The NGO running Ujjawala Rescue Home insinuated that Women’s Welfare and Child Development authorities have not disbursed funds for almost two years.

This is about a rescue home in Hyderabad with a name 'Ujjwala', where women are rescued from flesh trade, bonded labor, etc., run by NGOs and funded by Govt. Ujjawala is a Sanskrit term, which means, in this context,  "The Home that Spreads light" 

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