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Kesav Rao - Demo-Cry-07

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22.5'' x 15'' - charcoal on paper

“Many charred in blast at fireworks unit. At least 35 killed and more than 70 injured in the recent Siva Kasi accident alone. Many accidents and many more deaths in Tamil Nadu’s ‘Fireworks Hub’ over the last few years.”

These accidents keep happening every year, there will be an eyewash immediately after every accident. Politicians and public make hue and cry for a few days, police enact a closer drama of all the illegal & equipped factories. After a month or two, every thing will be back to square one. Again some more blasts, some more people will be blasted to pieces or charred to death. They work in such pathetic conditions, their hands are deformed, they suffer from skin allergies and respiratory diseases.

We are so insensitive, we keep buying crackers and fireworks, for festivals and celebrations and encourage this industry mindlessly.

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