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Kesav Rao - Demo-Cry-03
Carnage Victum - Bhot Gaon, Assam

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22.5'' x 15'' - charcoal on paper

A child sleeping on the floor at a relief camp at Bhot Gaon in Kokrajhar.

Chief minister himself said 16 people, including 7 children, have died in relief camps in violence-hit areas. Assam -  8.Aug-12 ( deccan Chronicle)

Displaced villagers wait at a relief camp at Bijni village in Chirang District, about 240 kilometers from Guwahati, the capital of India’s northeastern state of Assam, on Thursday.

Is it possible for an entire population to go spontaneously berserk? That is what seemed to happen in Assam, where a sudden outbreak of riots between the Bodo people, a tribal group, and Bengali Muslims has led to 42 deaths and the displacement of an estimated 150,000 people in a period of less than a week. On Thursday, the federal government sent more troops to the region, adding to the 6,000 army and paramilitary forces already on the ground.
Appearances are, as is often the case, deceptive.

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