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Abdul Jabbar Khatri was born to a family of Khatris, a community in the Kutch region of the Indian state of Gudjarat, that has been doing traditional tye and dye textiles (bandhani) since the late 17th century. After graduating with a degree in 1998, A. Jabbar decided to make the bandhani craft his profession. This was quite an unusual step for a young educated man when most of his peers were leaving the traditional crafts to work in mainstream jobs and careers.

A. Jabbar developed a conviction that his family's traditional craft could be adapted for the contempoary market. After study and experiment with new designs, different colors, and dyeing techniques, A. Jabbar has developed his unique bandhini creations to such a level that he was awarded the prestigious UNESCO Seal of Excellence both in 2006 and 2007. His enterprise today generates income for more than 300 women in the villages of Kutch.


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