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Designer Bina Rao and husband Kesav Rao own Creative Bee Design Studio, a hub of design and fashion activity for local and international connoisseurs of high quality textiles located in Hyderabad, India. They are engaged in many different types of activities in the production and promotion of handloomed textiles and other handicrafts. Bina did her Master of Fine Arts (Graphics) at the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat and attended the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.

The Creative Bee Design Studio, working within the parameters of hand made and natural, employs more than 400 handloom weavers in many different states of India to produce Bina's designs in intricate weaves of different textures from several varieties of natural, handspun yarns of wild, Tussar and mulbury silks, as well as cotton and linen. It creates textiles from yarn to finished product. These fabrics may remain as yardage or made into garments, stoles and scarves that are sold under the Creative Bee label or under the labels of a long list of designer clients and retailers from around the world who use its trendy fashion fabrics and fashion accessories for their international fashion shows.
You can see some of the silk weaves available for sale in the Creative Bee Yardage Gallery.

Bina and Kesau also set up the Creative Bee Foundation to support this work and train weavers to use their traditional techniques to weave pieces of great beauty for the internal and export markets. Training is also provided in woodcraft, metal work, and plant fiber arts. Core groups of artisans receive training and upgrade their skills at Creative Bee Foundation centers, then go back to their villages to pass on what they have learned to others, thereby "keeping the traditions alive" and providing income for their communities. The Foundation has 300 members.

Bina works extensively to promote the growth of handicrafts in India and South East Asia as an advisor to the Indian government Ministry of Textiles and as a member of the World Crafts Council. She has been invited to lecture and conduct design and development workshops in Australia, the USA, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh. The Creative Bee Studio is often visited by international textile and fashion designers.


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