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Dream Weavers of Rumah Garie DVD
Mathew Ngau Jau - Ngorek, Keeper of the Songs CD
Mathew Ngau Jau - Home in Long Semiyang DVD
Sarong Style with Edric Ong DVD

Watch Video Snippets
Dream Weavers of Rumah Garie
Mathew Ngau Jau, Musician
Michael Lim, Artist makes a palm leaf grasshopper
Edric Ong WEFT Fashion Show 2008
Edric Ong WEFT Fashion Show 2012
Abdul Jabbar Khatri demonstrates clamp dye techniques
Bina Rao WEFT Fashion Show 2012
Asif Shaikh WEFT Fashion Show 2012
Asif Shaikh sideshow "Revival of Indian Embroidery"
Bina Rao Block Printing at Creative Bee
Ravi - Chinthaka Ranatanake WEFT Fashion Show 2012

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Michael Lim - Batik and Fiber Artist
Mathew Ngau Jau - Musician, Painter
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Red Wax Palms
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