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Fine pua sunkit from the Batang Ai region of Sarawak. Pua sunkit are the oldest surving Iban textiles. This piece dates from the mid 19th century. The motif is sometimes called Dancing Witches or War Boat on a Journey (Bong Midang). Pieces like this would have been used in head hunting rituals to receive and wrap the captured enemy skull to purify it and neuralize it so it's power would then become protective for the village. Also used in the Gawai Festival, to give thanks for the harvest and ensure another plentiful crop and to bring protective forces to the entire village - in former times to protect the community from raiding parties. Has very fine human figure work. 76" x 21" (165 x 53 cms). Very high review in Kuching from an Iban pua expert and descendant of acknowledged master weaver. We got it from Dan Cook

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